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Olivia Fryberger '17

Coming into college I knew that I wanted to study Mass Communications and Elizabethtown College was the only school I had looked at that had the proper equipment for succeeding in that field. --Olivia Fryberger

Olivia always had a passion for Mass Communications, and she needed a department that provided the best education to land her dream career at a television news station. After visiting Elizabethtown’s campus several times, she found herself drawn to the department’s ECTV‑40 television studio and WWEC 88.3 radio station.

Olivia Fryberger

As a student, Olivia has been very satisfied academically. She has excelled in her Communications courses and received Dean’s List recognition in spring 2014. She is thankful for the individual attention she receives within the Communications department. “All of the teachers I have and had are great professors and want everyone to succeed. They put a lot of time and effort into helping us with our future,” she noted. 

The Communications department has been instrumental in preparing Olivia for the future. In addition to being a board member for ECTV‑40, she also works as the Assistant News Director, which includes writing scripts for on-air talent and directing the show each week. She is also involved in remote broadcasts such as the Elizabethtown High School football games, Elizabethtown’s Holiday Parade, and filming for the jumbo screens at Fall Fest, a local country music festival.

She reports that her Elizabethtown career has confirmed her dream of working in television and she hopes to become the ECTV Head News Director in the future. However, it has also surprised her in other ways. “I never realized how difficult writing scripts and presenting a speech in front of class could be. I definitely believe Elizabethtown has changed me by making me more comfortable in doing those things,” she says. 

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