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The Department of Education at Elizabethtown College has a tradition of successfully preparing teacher candidates, who graduate, obtain Pennsylvania State Teacher certification and go on to secure teaching positions in Pennsylvania and surrounding states. We provide students with an opportunity to pursue the following majors:

4+1 Master's Degree in Special Education

Master's Degree in Special Education 4+1 requirement check sheet

Program Description:

To more fully compliment Elizabethtown College’s pledge to prepare students “intellectually, socially, aesthetically and ethically for lives of service and leadership as citizens of the world” by “combining classroom instruction with experiential learning [to] advance independent thought, personal integrity and social responsibility as the foundations for a life of learning”(http://, the Education Department offers a Master’s degree in Special Education (PreK-8 and 7-12). 

 This new model embraces the college’s 2012 Strategic Plan, namely the emphasis upon expansion of graduate programs and greater emphasis upon high impact practices and student/faculty research collaborations.  It is also the expression of a 2010 qualitative survey of departmental alumni who cited the development of this academic pathway as a “top priority”.

Program Hallmarks:

Students will complete their baccalaureate degree in a general education certification area in 4 years. 
Eligible students may then move to finish the special education requirements, including a research project (Graduate Seminar) and another semester of student teaching.
The intensive student teaching supervision of the undergraduate program (weekly supervisory visits) will continue in the graduate program.
Courses in the fifth year will be administered using a mixture of traditional, on-line, hybrid, and accelerated formats.   


This program is available to matriculating first-year students entering Elizabethtown College Fall 2013 . For more information please contact the Education Department at 717-361-1210.

Candidates who already possess a bachelor’s degree and teacher certification (PreK-4, 4-8, K-12,  or 7-12) from an accredited institution who are interested in the master’s program should contact the Education Department for admission and entrance criteria information.

Fall Applications are due by September 15th. Candidates will be notified by November 15th.
Spring Applciations are due by March 15th. Candidates will be notifified by May 1st.

Early Childhood Education

Pre-K through 4th grade

Candidates for certification in Early Childhood Education must complete a major that consists of two key elements. The first element emphasizes critical concepts and ideas important to one’s general education and academic preparation for teaching. The second emphasis stresses a professional core organized in five areas:

  • Early Childhood Development
  • Cognition and Learning
  • Subject Matter Pedagogy Content (Pre-K through 4);
  • Assessment
  • Family and Community Partnerships
  • Professionalism

Elementary/Middle Level Education

4th through 8th grade

Candidates for certification in Elementary/Middle Level Education must select an emphasis in one of four academic content areas and be a generalist in each of the other three academic content areas. The academic emphasis requires completion of a minimum of 30 credit hours in one of the following four content areas: 1) Mathematics, 2) Science, 3) English/Language Arts and Reading, or 4) Social Studies.

In addition to the one academic emphasis, candidates also are expected to generalize in the remaining three content areas by completing 12 credit hours in each. Students also complete a professional core organized into five areas: 1) Early Adolescent and Adolescent Development, Cognition and Learning; 2) Subject Matter Pedagogy Content (Grades Four through Eight); 3) Assessment; 4) Family and Community Partnerships; and 5) Professionalism. Content requirements are based on national standards for Elementary/Middle Level Education as well as Pennsylvania's curriculum standards. 

NOTE:   Beginning June 1, 2014, candidates may elect to “add on” PreK-4 or 4-8 certification by passing the appropriate PECT or PRAXIS II exams.  Students interested in this pathway, should consult with their academic advisors.

Secondary Education

Carefully designed work in the academic or interdisciplinary major, the Core program and electives qualify students for a degree appropriate to that major and for Pennsylvania certification. For specific requirements for these programs, refer to Catalog sections relating to the primary major or to the interdisciplinary section for the two interdisciplinary programs.

For specific requirements for these programs, refer to Catalog sections relating to the primary major or to the interdisciplinary section for the two interdisciplinary programs.

Programs in Secondary Education are available in select academic areas including:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Physics

Special interdisciplinary programs in:

  • Social Studies
  • General Science

Majors and Pennsylvania certification for kindergarten through 12th grade are also available in

  • Music
  • Fine Arts-Art
  • Modern Languages-Spanish

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