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Linda L. Eberly

I’ve been a professional graphic designer since 1983. I started my own graphic design business—Eberly Designs Inc.—in 1995. Known to some of my clients as “Logo Linda,” I’ve won regional and national awards for my logos and designs. I’ve also been a fine artist, creating original watercolor paintings, since I was a teen. I paint what I love and don’t desire to mask any hidden meanings in my work. I started teaching on the college level in 1993. I love teaching students the art of combining fine arts with graphic art and feel inspired and rewarded when the light bulb goes on and they GET it!

Computer Art 130 is taught from the perspective of combining fine art with the computer as a drawing tool. Students get to be creative AND have fun while learning the Adobe Creative Suite of programs – Adobe In Design, Illustrator and Photoshop.


Elizabethtown College