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Alyssa Vasaturo '14


My internship with the Hummelstown Historical Society was both enlightening and rewarding. Working one-on-one with a member of the society to conduct fundraising activities, implement new bi-laws, and research, plan, and showcase an exhibit for the town’s 250 th  anniversary gave me a new perspective for learning in the classroom. As an intern, my thoughts and opinions were valued. Decisions were often placed in my hands. As a student, I was sometimes timid to speak my mind. My internship provided me with the confidence to have faith in my knowledge and to participate more actively in class discussions. My history courses also prepared me for my internship. Writing research papers taught me how to located resources, analyze them effectively, and present conclusions in succinct written form. Each of these skills proved invaluable for the paper I wrote on the history of community celebrations in Hummelstown. Furthermore, my professors’ encouragement to entertain new perspectives and to be creative helped me develop original angles for my Hummelstown research. The interaction between my classes and my internship has continued to help me throughout my career as a history major.
Elizabethtown College