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The history program at Elizabethtown College covers all periods of Western history, as well as the history of non-Western regions around the world.

Why Study History at Elizabethtown

Small classes; right history; no boundaries...

Emily Vasas '15









When I enrolled at Elizabethtown College in 2011, I had no idea I would end up adding a history major to my declared English major, but I could not have picked a better program for my undergraduate degree. My experiences with E-town’s history program led to pursue a Master of Arts in history at Villanova University, where I have been able to pursue an exciting project on World War I. Throughout my E-town career, I have had opportunities to conduct independent research and take courses on such diverse topics as Medieval Europe and Brethren missionaries in China. I also completed a senior thesis for honors in the discipline. My independent research has focused on Hungarian intellectuals and their interactions with Hungary’s communist government during the 1950s and 1960s. I looked specifically at the works of Hungarian novelists and poets, an approach that allowed me to combine my interests in both history and literature. My independent research and the history courses that I have taken here at E-town have offered me an intellectually stimulating environment in which to expand my horizons and develop the critical thinking skills necessary for graduate school. The department itself has a relaxed atmosphere, encouraging its students to pursue their areas of interest. That flexibility gave me the opportunity to concentrate on Hungarian history. The Elizabethtown College History Department helped me gain a strong foundation for my future studies and career in a way that allowed me to have fun and make my education interesting for myself.

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