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The history program at Elizabethtown College covers all periods of Western history, as well as the history of non-Western regions around the world.

Why Study History at Elizabethtown

Small classes; right history; no boundaries...

Meaningful Interaction

Anglo-French Dinner
For his course on Twentieth-century Europe, Professor Newsome and his family host students for an Anglo-French dinner. Students sample classic English cuisine, such as Stilton cheese, Yorkshire pudding, and anytime cakes, as well as French favorites, including brie, camembert, homemade baguettes, chicken fricassée, sautéed potatoes, peas with lettuce and onions, and apple tart. The evening is fun, but it also has a serious purpose: to connect students with European culinary culture, a fundamental aspect of European societies and an integral part of the European “experience” in the twentieth century.

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Washington D.C. Trip to Chinatown
The trip was open to all students and sponsored by Dr. Kenley.  The trip to Chinatown provided a first-hand look at Chinese culture personified in American society.

Washington D.C. Trip to Chinatown

Cherry Blossom Trip to Washington D.C.
The annual Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington D.C. is the yearly reminder that Spring is on the way. Originating from Tokyo Mayor Yukio Ozaki's gift of the trees in 1912, the cherry blossoms represent the close national ties between the United States and Japan.  Students in Dr. Kenley's HI 112:  The History of Modern Asia were given the opportunity to experience the festival firsthand. 

Cherry Blossom Festival


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