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women and gender studies



women and gender studies



Meet our Students and Alumni

"In the WGS program, I found my passion. It opened my eyes to the injustice and inequality that exist in our world, but left me not discouraged, but hopeful that there is something that I can do to change it." -- Rustin T. Dudley, ‘14


“WGS has made me more aware of problems facing women and minorities today, and has therefore made me a much stronger (and hopefully better!) advocate. I am proud to call myself a social justice warrior!!” -- Sarah Fender, ‘16


“WGS changed the way I view the world and taught me how to critically think about the underlying mechanisms of society. My WGS classes stirred up a passion inside of me that drives me to fight for equality.” -- Kathryn Karoly, ‘13


“WGS has introduced me to some of my best friends and best mentors here at Etown. The WGS department is like another family to me. WGS has released my inner feminist and social justice advocate!” -- Sam Poremba, ‘16

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