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Fieldwork Level 1

Elizabethtown College’s Occupational Therapy Department formats level I fieldwork in 10 visits during each of the practice courses. Starting in the spring of the third (junior) year, in OT 332 students will do 10 visits either on Wednesdays throughout the semester or 5 Wednesdays and over spring break if they choose that option and it can be arranged at a mutually agreeable site.

For OT 433 in the fall of the senior year and OT 434 in the spring, level I fieldwork is on Mondays. In the spring, half of fieldwork can again be completed over spring break if it can be arranged and is desired. Students are assigned to a variety of settings including acute care hospitals, rehabilitation hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, outpatient and private practice settings, schools, jails, clinics and in home health opportunities.

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