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Film Studies Minor

New Film Studies Minor

Elizabethtown students can now minor in film studies. The minor not only looks at film as an art form—looking at the cinematography and screenwriting—it also examines these works as cultural artifacts. Read more about the Film Studies Minor Announcement or checkout the Film Studies Minor catalog requirements.

Why Study Philosophy at Elizabethtown College

Discover all of the reasons to study Philosophy at Elizabethtown College.

Areas of Study

Courses in the Department of Philosophy are designed to explore fundamental issues of knowledge, value and meaning.

Clubs and Activities: Philosophy Students Get Involved

In 2011, students in the Environmental Ethics class planted a tree on campus.

About the Philosophy Department

The study of philosophy challenges students to nurture the capacity for critical analysis through forceful, logical argumentation in clear and consistent forms of oral and written expression. Historically, philosophy has been central to an education in a liberal arts institution.

Therefore, our program at Elizabethtown College is designed to give you maximum opportunity to combine the study of philosophy with other theoretical and practical disciplines in order to create a truly well-rounded undergraduate educational experience. Our goal is to produce a comprehensive familiarity with the historical answers that have been proposed to these questions as a basis for you to develop their own critical perspectives.

Why Study Philosophy?

A major in philosophy is an excellent preparation for those going on to graduate school and for those planning professional vocations such as law, ministry, computer science or natural sciences. It will prove valuable in any occupation which demands clear thinking, effective communication and the ability to understand and harmonize the points of view of other people. The program is designed to give the student maximum opportunity to get a broad, liberal education and to develop special skills along the way.

Our primary goal is to educate students who will not only go on to successful professional careers, but who also will cultivate the intellectual and moral fiber to live life well.

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