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New Film Studies Minor

Elizabethtown students can now minor in film studies. The minor not only looks at film as an art form—looking at the cinematography and screenwriting—it also examines these works as cultural artifacts. Read more about the Film Studies Minor Announcement or checkout the Film Studies Minor catalog requirements.

Why Study Philosophy at Elizabethtown College

Discover all of the reasons to study Philosophy at Elizabethtown College.

Areas of Study

Courses in the Department of Philosophy are designed to explore fundamental issues of knowledge, value and meaning.

Clubs and Activities: Philosophy Students Get Involved

In 2011, students in the Environmental Ethics class planted a tree on campus.

Jordan Bowman '08

"As a student at law school, I'm constantly surprised at how well (E-town Philosophy) courses prepared me for the analytic aspects of studying law." --Jordan Bowman

jordan bowman mountain climbingWhen Jordan Bowman '08 came to Elizabethtown College, he knew he wanted to study something within the liberal arts, but he wasn't sure precisely what. The Core Program allowed him to take a variety of classes before settling into his majors. One of these classes was Philosophy of Time Travel, with Dr. (Michael) Silberstein.

"I had always loved reading, and was a glutton for science fiction books and movies. It was evident from the first day of class that Professor Silberstein had some of the same interests, and had managed to make them relevant to classic discussions in Philosophy. That class really gave me an entirely new appreciation for literature and movies that I had always enjoyed, because now I understood them from within an academic context instead of just viewing them as entertainment," said Jordan. "I proceeded to take just about every philosophy course E-town offered at the time.  As a student at law school, I'm constantly surprised at how well these courses prepared me for the analytic aspects of studying law."

Jordan, who double majored in Political Science, is a second-year law student at College of William and Mary School of Law; he is expected to graduate with a J.D. in 2014. And, just as he did in his undergraduate years, he is also doubling up academically; he's also enrolled in William and Mary's Thomas Jefferson Program in Public Policy from where he is expected to earn a master's degree in public policy in 2014. He works as a research intern for the National Center of State Courts; previously, he interned as a research assistant to a William and Mary professor and also on a grant to study regional 'green jobs' with the Maryland Department of Labor.

After law school, Jordan would like to work in environmental law. In fact, he says it is very likely he'll clerk at the Environmental Protection Agency this summer.

"I (also) have interests in tort law--which is what I worked on all last summer--and in politics and public policy. Clearly, many of these issues overlap, legislation related to environmental tort litigation, for example. But I'd be happy working in any of those fields," he said.

Jordan counts the time travel course and courses on philosophy and free will and philosophy of interpretation as stand-out classes—and he still reads for pleasure books and articles on those topics. Outside of academics, he has fond memories of his peer group at first-year orientation, most of whom he sees regularly. And, for him, E-town also has family ties. He is a third-generation E-town student; his mother and father and great-grandfather are also graduates. Because he grew up in the Church of the Brethren, the College's church affiliation was also an incentive in his college selection.

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