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About Engineering and Physics

The Department of Engineering and Physics at Elizabethtown College is unique: small in size, big on quality.

Engineering and Physics Projects

Elizabethtown Engineering and Physics students are involved in numerous projects in and around campus.

Facilities, Labs and Equipment

The Department of Engineering and Physics, located in the Masters Center for Science, Mathematics & Engineering, encompasses a collection of state-of-the-art laboratories and research spaces as well as areas for students to gather and study.

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News from the Department

5th Annual Sustianability Symposium  
west africa 2016  
Dr's Estrada and Wunderlich playing BBall with international students  
Order of the Engineer  
Ambassador John B Craig  
Emerging Scholars 2015  
New Fab Lab  




2014 SCAD  

Mobile Wellness Centers


Phoenix Contact

new students




EPIC 2  
epic 1  






Spring 2016 We hosted our 16th annual Spring Symposium: The 5th Annual Elizabethtown College Sustianability Symposium




Spring 2016 Students Jake Evans, David Good, and Buck Kauffman, supervised by Dr Atwood, designed a device for toddlers with cerebral palsy at Schreiber Pediatric.


2015/16 West African Capstone Project Update by Dr. DeGoede and his students..


Summer 2015 Dr. Tomas Estrada presented “Model-Based Control Systems with Intermittent Feedback" at the ASEE Conference in Seattle, WA, and co-authored with Dr. Ilan Grave: “A ‘Trick and Think’ Approach to a Second-order Circuit Lab,” and co-authored with student M. Fevre:   “Design of an Autonomous Pace Car for Athletic Training: A Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Research Experience.” All papers were peer-reviewed and published in the conference proceedings. Dr. Sara Atwood also presented a paper co-authored with Dr. Brenda Read-Daily titled "Using a Creative Fiction Assignment to Teach Ethics in a First-year Introduction to Engineering Course.” 


Spring 2015 The great fun of our Department's "March-Madness" basketball tournament included many Department students, and Dr.'s DeGoede, Estrada, and Wunderlich ( see Story ). And this led to weekly BBall with our Department's faculty and International students (in picture to left)



May 15 2015 Dr. Brenda  Read-Daily organized a Elizabethtown College chapter of the Order of the Engineer; with 24 people inducted.


April 8 2015 Ambassador John B Craig talked to our engineering students and faculty about his experiences making national security policy during his work at the Department of State and on the National Security Council. See VIDEO OF TALK

March 8 2015 Emerging Scholars Luncheon: Dr. Atwood with  Abigail Haines and Brandon Diaz; Dr. Estrada with Nathaniel Dowling and Gonzalo Miguez Dominguez; Dr. Wunderlich with Kelly Bresnowitz and Claude Abou Negm


December 29 2014 Relational Blockworld Research by Dr's Stuckey, Silberstein, and McDevitt


November 20 2014  New Fabrication Lab Built (Thanks to Dr. Scanlin)



November 20 2014 Good News for Engineering Graduates


Summer 2014 Student research with department faculty



Summer 2014 Drs. Atwood and Read-Daily present and publish engineering education research at ASEE National Conference in Indianapolis  


Summer 2014 Wellness, Sustainability, and Greening of our Department  


April 15 2014 Our Department's Annual Sustainability Symposium  


April 5 2014 Dr. Estrada's Students Present Autonomous Path-Following Car at ASEE Zone 1 Conference

February 19, 2014 Spring 2014 Mobile Wellness Center Design Competition awarding $5,500+ for architecture and engineering  

February 15, 2014 Dr. Wunderlich and Dr. Estrada judge Phoenix Contact 2014 Regional Nanoline Programmable Logic Controller Contest at Etown (2/1/14), then help judge and moderate national competition in Harrisburg (2/15/14)

February 13, 2014 Engineering Department welcomes class of 2017


February 10, 2014 Three Engineering Students Gain Research Experience with Elizabethtown College’s SCARP Program  


February 5, 2014 Engineering Department Offers New Scholarship for Incoming Students (Etownian newspaper story)  


January 23, 2014 Etown Encourages Engineering a Career Choice, Establishes Scholarship ("E=town NOW" story)   




January 1, 2014 Students ‘Recharge’ Over 2013/14 Winter Break in West Africa



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