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Our curriculum prepares students for either the direct pursuit of careers in psychology, or for further graduate and professional studies across many disciplines including psychology, neuroscience, medicine, business, education, human services, and law.

We offer a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology as well as a minor in General Psychology. Our department also supports the interdisciplinary Cognitive Science minor.

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Our degree program focuses on pure psychology – theories, principles and methods. Students gain knowledge through exploration of the subfields of psychology and through conducting personal research projects. Our degree program fosters the development of a versatile skill set to serve them in the community beyond Elizabethtown College.

General Psychology Minor

Students majoring in another discipline can elect to complete a General Psychology minor that provides students a basic foundation in Psychology. Our minor is flexible and allows students to explore the subfields of psychology that most interest them.

Cognitive Science Minor

Students of any major (including psychology) can pursue the interdisciplinary Cognitive Science minor. This minor integrates elements of philosophy, psychology, neuroscience, and computer science into a unified field of study with particular focus on how they cooperate to study human thought, experience and behavior.

Learn more about the requirements for our programs from the College Catalog:

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