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Association for Psychological Science Annual Meeting - Washington D.C., 2013

The following were presented at the 25th Annual Meeting of the Association for Psychological Science (student presenters are bolded):

Cotter, K. (May, 2013). Musicianship improves recall of linguistic details during audiovisual task. (Faculty Advisor: Lemley)

Craver-Lemley, C., Dillon, C., Kowalsky, A. & Heimbach, J. (May, 2013). Experience can modify person-color synesthesia.

Dowling, R., Craver-Lemley, C. & Roy, M. (May, 2013). Feature focused bias in change blindness in north american students.

Heimbach, J., Pretz, J. & Craver-Lemley, C. (May, 2013). Synesthetes erform better on insight measures.

Jones, M., Craver-Lemley, C., McCue, A. & Szymanski, K. (May, 2013). Enhanced object imagery in attention deficit disorder/attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Pretz, J. & McCollum, V. A. (May, 2013). Self-percetions of creativity do not always reflect actual creative performance.

Cecco, C. & Roy, M. (May, 2013). The effects of stress and anxiety on prospective memory.

Kowalsky, A. & Roy, M. (May, 2013). Powerful postures improve women's performance on a math task.

Roy, M., Settle, M., Cecco, C., Samartino, S., & Torres, V. (May, 2013). Perceived skill distribution influences self-assessment on a novel task.

Samartino, S. & Roy, M. (May, 2013). Earworms, rumination, and working memory.

Settle, M. & Roy, M. (May, 2013). T he effects of spoiled vs. unspoiled stories on video viewing.

Torres, V. & Roy, M. (May, 2013). An outside perspective.

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