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Kevin Jacoby


Kevin Jacoby ('82) is an Elizabethtown local who chose Elizabethtown College after receiving a brochure in the mail.  After he visited the campus he fell in love with it.  As a student, Kevin embodied the Elizabethtown motto: "Educate for Service" by starting and participating in an on-campus group that was a recycling club called T.R.E.E. ( To Recycle the Earth's Energy).  Kevin was a student athlete and played baseball in which he lettered all 4 years, serving as team captain during his senior year.

When Kevin looks back on the Social Work Department he remembers his classmates and great instructors, "It was very much a family atmosphere and I believe everyone felt supported."

As part of his junior year internship, Kevin was at Masonic Village working with the geriatric population.  He also spent some time at Holy Spirit Hospital Pediatrics, where he worked with children and their families dealing with serious illnesses.  During his senior year, Kevin worked with the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.  Kevin had the opportunity to work with a variety of clients; he was able to engage in micro (individual) practice and macro (community, policy) level practice.

"All of these placements provided valuable experience and made the class work much more meaningful."

Currently, Kevin is working as an administrator, managing the Case Management Department at Capital BlueCross, a local insurance care company.  It is his duty to oversee a team of nurses and social workers.  Overall, the goal of this department is to assist people who are experiencing catastrophic medical problems.  These problems may include chronic disease or a variety of other difficulties related to their health.

Kevin still embodies Elizabethtown College's motto: "Educate for Service" post-graduation, "the opportunity to help people and make a difference in their lives is a precious gift.  I have been given many such opportunities as a result of my social work career."

When asked how Elizabethtown College helped prepare him for the professional world, Kevin explained how the college allowed him to grow on a personal level.  It also gave him the opportunity to prepare for the "real world experiences" that come when a person chooses a career in social work.

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