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Appendix C

Constitution of the Social Work Student Association of Elizabethtown College

Article I

Name: Social Work Student Association of Elizabethtown College

Article II

Purpose: The purpose of the Social Work Student Association shall be:

  • To bring together people interested in social work. To get to know each other and share ideas dealing with society and the profession.
  • To take advantage of the social work opportunities that are provided by the officers, faculty, and community of Elizabethtown College.
  • To set monthly business/education meetings which will be open to the campus. Topics would be of interest to students and provide for discussion of social problems.
  • To have at least one annual meeting of the Social Work Program including all social work students and faculty. Overall direction of the program should be discussed as well as specific student concerns about the major.
  • To have the Executive Committee meet bi-weekly with the Advisors.

Article III

Membership eligibility:

  • All social work majors are automatically members of the Association. Each student should be willing to contribute in order to maintain and improve the reputation of the social work department. In addition, if any other student/faculty/administrator express interest, they are welcome to participate.

Article IV

Advisor: Vivian Bergel, Chair

Article V


  • President - Conducts meetings, makes sure officers fulfill requirements. If requirements are not met, it is his/her responsibility to take action.
  • Vice-President - Conducts meetings, shares and supports President's duties.
  • Treasurer - Is responsible for budget and accounts.
  • Secretary - Records and communicates the club's activities.
  • Class Representatives - Plan and organize activities and calendar. Act as a liaison for their particular class.
  • Student Senate Representative - Represent the Association at the weekly Student Senate meetings and report back to the Executive Committee.

Article VI


  • Officers and Representatives are elected by a majority vote:
    • Officers are elected in April of the Spring term
    • Representatives are elected in September of the Fall term.
  • Terms shall last at least one full academic year or two semesters.
  • Officers are expected to attend all bi-weekly meetings unless previous notification has been given to an officer or advisor.
  • Two unexcused absences from Executive Committee meetings per semester will result in loss of position.
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