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Why Use the Library

The High Library at E-town, and, in fact, any library, is much more than google. Google can be a great resource, especially when you are starting out. But college professors won’t want you to stop there. They want you to find information that other scholars have reviewed, often called “peer-reviewed” or “scholarly” articles. In addition, they might ask you to use books, multimedia or other sorts of documents. (See the next step, “Use Different Types of Sources.”)        

High Library pays hundreds of thousands of dollars every year so that you can have access to scholarly and peer-reviewed articles. Your gateway to this info is via the Articles and More  link on the library home page or any of the Library Guides .

 These subscription databases are to google what cable television is to free TV. You just won’t find the same quality resources in google. So give them a try!

 Feel like you need help getting beyond google?

Check out the help options on our Guides and Help page.  They range from texting us to making an appointment for in-person help—it’s your choice.


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