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Presidential Community Enrichment Series Presidential Community Enrichment Series

Learning Always—The Presidential Community Enrichment Series at Elizabethtown College offers lifelong learning opportunities to members of the local community in a collegiate environment. All sessions, held in the Susquehanna Room at Elizabethtown College’s Myer Hall, begin with lunch at noon, followed by a brief lecture with questions and discussion following the presentation. The event will end by 2 p.m. The Presidential Community Enrichment Series is open to the public; however, registration is required. For questions about the program, please contact Lisa Wolfe at 717-361-6410 or

Presidential Enrichment Series, fall 2012 topics:

Wednesday, Sept. 26-Elizabethtown College President Carl Strikwerda presents “The Great War and the 21st Century.” His lecture discusses how the First World War shaped the 20th century and still may be valuable to progress in the 21st century. Evaluating 2012 to 1912, Strikwerda analyzes how the comparison can bring clarity to the degree to which our world has been shaped by the past and how it may foretell our future.

Tuesday, Oct. 9-Fletcher McClellan and Wesley McDonald discuss “Election 2012: What are the Stakes?” The two—professors of Political Science with contrasting conservative and liberal views—engage in a point-counterpoint. The discussion includes the relative merits of the presidential candidates and where the analyses reflect partisan differences. Debating one another since the 1984 presidential election, McClellan and McDonald will offer a lively discussion about the significant issues of the upcoming presidential election.

On Friday, Nov. 30-Randy Trostle, associate professor of Business Emeritus and James McCurdy '85 present “Investment Update & Outlook.” This presentation provides perspectives on the general economy and financial markets: market review, economic growth, monetary policy and interest rates, and the investment process. This “buyers beware” presentation offers an economic forecast for 2013.    

The presenters in the lecture series include a line of knowledgeable educators. Strikwerda, president of Elizabethtown College, is a specialist in modern European history and the history of globalization. He focuses on promoting international studies and inter-cultural understanding.

“Election 2012” presenter Fletcher McClellan is dean of faculty and a professor of Political Science at Elizabethtown College. His area of scholarly study includes American political institutions, public administrations and public policy. McClellan’s debate partner, Wesley McDonald, also is a professor of political science at the College. His areas of academic interest include American conservative thought, as well as American electoral politics and campaigns.

Randy Trostle, presenter of “Investment Update & Outlook” is an associate professor of Business Emeritus at Elizabethtown College. Trostle is the advisor to the Department of Business’ student-managed investment portfolio (SMIP). He also is a financial consultant with DDMP Investment Advisors, LLC. Trostle teams up with James McCurdy`85, who currently serves as the president of DDMP Investment Advisors, LLC, based in Elizabethtown.  The firm manages an excess of $225 million in client assets while serving various investors, companies and non-profit organizations.


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Contact: Lisa Wolfe at or 717-361-6410 for questions.


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