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F A L L 2 0 1 1 V O L 9 8 N O 3

PRESIDENT Carl J. Strikwerda

EXECUTIVE EDITOR Elizabeth A. Braungard ‘86

EDITOR Amy J. Mountain ‘87



CONTRIBUTORS Elizabeth A. Braungard ‘86 E.A. Harvey ‘11 Matt Heffelfnger Barbara A. Randazzo Don Sarvey, Editorial Enterprises Donna Talarico

PHOTOGRAPHERS Russell G. Frost, Frost Imaging Wendy Sheaffer Danilo Yabut

Photos by staff or courtesy photos, except as otherwise noted.

EDITORIAL BOARD David C. Beidleman Jean-Paul Benowitz Elizabeth A. Braungard ‘86 Mark A. Clapper ‘96 Lesley M. Finney Matt Heffelfnger Kirsten A. Johnson E. Fletcher McClellan Amy J. Mountain ‘87 Terrie L. Riportella Wendy Sheaffer

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Elizabethtown magazine is published three times per year. The views expressed in this magazine do not necessarily refect the policies or positions of the College. Elizabethtown College does not discriminate against students, prospective students, employees or prospective employees on the basis of race, color, physical handicap, sex, ethnic or national origin or age. Visit for more infor-mation about the College and its history.

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Refections of a “First-Year”

It’s a new academic year and a new experience at Elizabethtown College for me and the 523 other members of the frst-year class here at the College this fall. Like them, I am excited about the future and eager to get to know more about my new home. Like those frst-year students I helped move into the residence halls a few days ago, I am still getting to know the campus. Fortunately, I have been well prepared for joining this community. Members of the Board of Trustees and Faculty Assembly, student leaders, the senior staff, alumni and President Long all have helped to educate me about the College’s traditions, strengths and challenges. While frst-year students attended orientation, I spent a valuable week in July at Harvard learning from college and university presidents who successfully led their own institutions. Just as my fellow frst-year students have made a variety of plans for their college careers, I have been busy this summer with preparations for the College’s future.

Board members, faculty leaders, senior staff and I are beginning to work on a strategic plan, which will guide the College’s future for the next three to fve years. I encourage all alumni, parents and other friends of the College to complete the planning survey referenced below and to share their thoughts about the College’s future at any time. First-years always beneft from good advice. The Plan will give us an opportunity to make the College an even stronger academic institution, one with a more robust fnancial base, more deeply engaged in research, more involved in a global world and better able to offer our students a world-class education that integrates internships and service learning with rigorous intellectual inquiry. My wife Gail Bossenga and I have found the College to be a welcoming place, a community where ideas, integrity and ideals fourish. My fellow frst-year students and I look forward to a bright future.

Sincerely yours,

Carl J. Strikwerda

President, Elizabethtown College

September, 2011



Carl is reading "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks," a required assignment of all frst-years. Do you know where he is sitting, in this corner of campus? Submit your guess to (subject line: Carl’s Corner location). Correct answers will be entered into a random drawing. The prize? A bag of the newly branded E-town College Carrot Cake Granola, courtesy of Nuts About Granola. Sorry, employees of the College are not eligible. Carrot Cake Granola will be available for purchase at the Jay's Nest beginning Homecoming Weekend 2011.

As the faculty, staff and students embark on a strategic planning process that will guide the College for the next three to fve years, we hope you'll share your thoughts about Elizabethtown College by completing the online survey available at:

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