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T wo philanthropic foundations—the Stamps Family Charitable Foundation and the Donald B. and Dorothy L. Stabler Foundation—recently provided significant scholarship support to Elizabethtown College students.

President Theodore Long celebrated these two organizations for supporting families in challenging economic times. “We are thrilled that Penny and Roe Stamps and the Stabler Foundation have recognized the College with these gifts,” says President Long. “These extraordinary scholarships will ensure that Elizabethtown is able to attract out-standing applicants and retain excellent students, who might have found a quality private education difficult to afford.” Each year, the Stamps Family Charitable Foundation, in partnership with Elizabethtown College, will provide a new merit-based scholarship program. The Stamps Scholars Program will offer full tuition for a four-year education for five exceptional first-year students who demonstrate leadership, the ability to overcome obstacles, strong scholarship, outstanding service and innovation. In addition, Stamps Scholars may access

a $4,000 fund to support educational enrichment opportunities, such as educational conferences, outdoor leader-ship experiences, international study, community engagement, research, internships and opportunities to support civic engagement. Stamps Scholars also will have the opportunity to be mentored by an Elizabethtown alumnae and faculty members.

The Donald B. and Dorothy L. Stabler Foundation awarded Elizabethtown a $1 million grant to provide need-based financial aid. These funds will be added to an existing scholarship endowment— The Donald B. and Dorothy L. Stabler Scholarship Fund—with a portion of the interest income generated from the fund used to support need-based awards to students who exhibit “…the character, motivation and achievements of candidates who give indication of their eagerness for a college education, do not expect a free education, and recognize the virtues of working for what they receive.” Stabler grant recipients are encouraged to repay the scholarship—which the Stabler Foundation characterizes as a “debt of conscience”—in the years

following their graduation in order to make additional scholarships available for future Elizabethtown students. Both the Stamps Family Charitable Foundation and the Donald B. and Dorothy L. Stabler Foundation have a noble history of assisting students. The Stamps Family Charitable Foundation— created to honor Roe and Penny Stamps, who were inspired by the impact their own collegiate experiences had on their lives—provides scholarships through partnerships with the University of Michigan, Georgia Institute of Technology, University of Miami, University of Virginia, California Institute of Technology, UCLA, University of Illinois and Elizabethtown College. Donald and Dorothy Stabler formed a Harrisburg-based foundation in 1966 to provide grants for charitable, religious, scientific, literary and educational purposes. The Stabler need-based awards are made through the financial aid process. Families interested in learning more about the Stamps Scholars Program should visit the website at and/ or contact Debi Murray in the Office of Admissions at or (717) 361-1400.

New Scholarships Benefit Students

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2011 Carlos R. and Georgiana E. Leffler Memorial Lecture

Award-Winning Educator Calls for School Reform

D uring the March 2011 Carlos R. and Georgiana E. Leffler Memorial Lecture, educational innovator David Levin (shown R) challenged his audience to think differently about the U.S. educational experience. “[Public schools] are broken because they are operating the way they always have. All change begins by asking why things are the way they are and why they have to be that way,” said Levin, pointing to his experience as co-founder of KIPP (Knowledge is Power Program) and superintendent of KIPP NYC. “We now know that it is possible to have transformative public schools in every neighborhood in the country. Now it’s up to us, collectively, to make this a reality for every child in this country.

“Until teaching becomes our society’s most treasured profession, we will not make the changes we need,” Levin reflected. “There is a revolution happening in this country. I hope you join us in this fight.” The Leffler Memorial Lecture was

created by Linda ’67 and Patrick Castagna to honor the legacy and contributions of Mrs. Castagna’s parents, who greatly enriched Elizabethtown College and their community.

Following the 2011 Leffler Lecture, educational innovator David Levin (shown far R) explored opportunities for improving the U.S. educational system with (shown L to R) Department Chair and Associate Professor Carroll Tyminski, education major Rebecca Altland ’11 and School District of Lancaster Superintendent Pedro Rivera.

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