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Leave of Absence Information

General Information

The Leave of Absence Program was developed to help students in good academic standing whose personal circumstances prevent them from continuing their academic studies for a time period not to extend beyond the current academic year. Please note: A Leave of Absence will not be granted for students planning to attend another institution for a semester or more. (Please refer to the Withdrawal from College paragraph found in the Withdraw Policy section of the on-line College Catalog).

 When you return to Elizabethtown College, you will be guaranteed a place in your current major, provided all requirements and deadlines are met. When you register for classes you will be given the same priority as continuing students.

 If you are unable to return at the end of your Leave of Absence, you will be officially withdrawn from the college. If you wish to return after you have been withdrawn, you are required to apply for readmission. Applications for readmission are available at Registration & Records, (717) 361-1409.


You must be currently enrolled and in good academic standing in order for your application to be considered. The college catalog definition of academic standing states that, “Students in academic good standing maintain a minimum 2.0 cumulative grade point average.”

 Application Instruction

The application for Leave of Absence is available from the Center for Student Success, BSC 216. Registration & Records will verify your academic standing and eligibility.

 It is recommended but not required that you consult with your academic advisor regarding the Leave of Absence and future academic program. You will need to submit your official application for a leave of absence to the Director of the Center for Student Success, Stephanie Rankin .

 Your completed application for Leave of Absence must be received by the Center for Student Success five business days from student signature date.

If you are unable to return at the end of your Leave of Absence, you will be officially withdrawn from the college. If you withdraw and then wish to return, you are required to apply for readmission to the college. Applications for readmission are available at Registration & Records, (717) 361-1409.

Financial Aid

If you receive any form of financial aid, you must consult the Financial Aid office, (717) 361-1404, to determine how a Leave of Absence may impact your eligibility upon returning.

Business Office

You are required to contact the Business Office, (717) 361-1417 to determine how a Leave of Absence may impact your student account, including possible refunds. Please note that while on leave, your student ID card will be deactivated and charges will not be permitted.

Residence Life

The Office of Residence Life remains committed to offering campus housing to students returning from a Leave of Absence. The student will be assigned campus housing accommodations without regard to designated residential facility or specific room.

Registration Information

A Request for Readmission form, available from the Registration and Records office, must be submitted to the Registrar, Dr. Betty Rider, prior to the semester you plan to return. The $200 readmission fee will be waived. You are required to consult with your advisor before registering for classes and to have the advising hold lifted. While on leave, you are not considered an enrolled (registered for classes) student however, your Elizabethtown email account will remain active and will be the method that Registration & Records will use to communicate with you. Registration materials will be sent to you electronically; the current course schedule can be downloaded from If you choose, Registration materials and other correspondence can be mailed to the mailing address you provide on the application. Be sure to notify Registration & Records if you address changes while you are on leave.

  Health Insurance

Contact your health insurance carrier to inquire how a Leave of Absence may affect your policy.

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