There is significant value in taking time for reflection and self-assessment.  You can learn about yourself and your vocational calling by identifying your values, interests, and skills.  Taking the time to complete self-assessments can provide clarity to your vocational calling.


Values are personal beliefs that are important to you.  They guide and direct your decisions.  They are typically constant throughout your life and make you the person that you are.

Online values assessment - analyze what is important to you in your work


Interests are activities that you lose track of time when you are doing them because you are naturally drawn to them and enjoy them.

Online interests assessment - understand how your interests relate to careers

Strong Interest Inventory - the Strong Interest Inventory provides students with insights into their interests, preferences, and style which aids in selecting a major and career that would be fulfilling.  If you are interested in taking the Strong inventory, please contact Career Services (x1206 /


Skills include your gifts and talents that come easy to you and you naturally do well.

Online skills assessment - rate your skills and learn how they relate to careers

StrengthsFinder - StrengthsFinder is an online inventory that provides individuals with their top 5 strengths.  These strengths can be reflected upon to determine success in group projects, courses, careers, relationships, and much more.  If you are interested in taking the StrengthsFinder inventory, please email or stop by the Called to Lead office (BSC 246).  An access code is required to take the inventory.  Learn more here.