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Campus Vehicle/Mobile Equipment Use


Before operating a college owned vehicle, drivers must meet the following criteria:

  1. Must be 18 years old
  2. Must be on official College business and have the approval of the departmental chairperson/director
  3. Must present a valid driver’s license
  4. Must have a U.S. driver’s license for at least three (3) years


If the above criteria are met, prospective drivers (students and employees) must have a Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) run. To do this, the individual will have to complete a form giving the College permission to run the MVR. This form will be used to run an MVR check online by a third party (First Advantage ADR). To begin the certification process, please contact Human Resources at 361-1109.

The MVR must pass the rating system (see below). If it does not, the individual will not be permitted to drive college vehicles. If it does, employees will be approved to drive, and students must then successfully complete the training detailed below before being approved to drive. MVRs for approved drivers will be re-run every two years to determine if the individual can continue to drive college vehicles.

MVR Rating System

Individuals who accumulate ten or more points may not drive a college owned vehicle.

Violation Points
 Driving with a suspended license  10
 Driving while impaired  10
 Refusal to submit to chemical testing  10
 Operating vehicle without permission  10
 Careless/reckless driving; leaving accident scene  10
 Speeding greater than 27 mph over posted speed limit  10
 Speeding 15-25 mph over the posted speed limit  7
 Open intoxicant in vehicle 7
 All at-fault accidents
 All other moving violations 4
 Failure to comply with yearly vehicle inspections 3

The College reserves the right to deny driving privileges to persons based on the MVR rating system and training program.

Failure to observe state laws, the College Policy, or other safe driving practices may result in your driving privileges being revoked immediately.

If an employee who is required to drive College vehicles as part of his/her job reaches a total of 7 points on the MVR Rating System (see previous MVR Rating System chart), the employee is required to inform his/her manager of this but is still approved to drive. If the employee reaches 10 points or more on the MVR Rating System, he/she is no longer approved to drive College vehicles; the Manager of HR & Safety will inform the employee and the employee‘s supervisor that the employee is no longer approved to drive College vehicles.

Employees and students who are approved to drive college vehicles are required to inform the Manager of HR & Safety if there is any change in their driving record (i.e. they were in an accident, stopped by the police, etc.)

Training Components

Note: Employees driving college vans do not have to attend this training; they must simply have a successful MVR check.

Because our goal is to have exceptionally well trained student drivers to drive college vehicles, we prefer to work with a smaller number of students. Consequently, we encourage employees to select prospective student drivers carefully.

Training for prospective student drivers of college owned vehicles includes:

    • Online training
    • 30 minutes of hands-on training

The online training consists of video instruction, scenarios, and quizzes. Each student must master a comprehensive test at the end of the training. A list of all drivers who are approved to drive college vehicles (students and employees) are listed in an Excel spreadsheet that can be viewed by all members of the college community. This spreadsheet can be found in Stacey Zimmerman‘s Public folder (Zimmersmans) in the College Vehicle Drivers folder.

If you have any questions about MVR checks or driver training, please contact Human Resources at 361-1109.

Rental Fleet Policy

Elizabethtown College maintains a fleet of four (4) eight passenger vans, two (2) seven passenger mini-vans for use by faculty, staff and students for athletic trips, to conduct college business for approved departmental activities. The vans may be reserved on a first-come basis by calling the Facilities Management office at 361-1408 Monday through Friday between the hours of 7:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Reservation Guidelines

When reserving a vehicle, you will need to provide the date, departure time, destination, and return time and department account number for mileage charges. Students may make a tentative reservation, but the reservation will not be con¬firmed until approval is received from the sponsoring department.

Keys and trip ticket can be picked up the day of, or the day before the trip depending on departure schedule. Keys are only available Monday through Friday 7:00 am– 4:00 p.m. at Facilities Management in the Brown Building. Please note for weekend trips you must pick up the vehicle keys by 3:30 p.m. on Friday.

All vehicles are parked on the south side of the Brown Building. The trip ticket requires you to record your beginning and ending mileage. You must return the completed trip ticket, keys and folder to the Facilities Management Office or place them in the key drop box on the east side of the Brown Building if the vehicle is returned after hours. Vehicles must be returned at confirmed reservation end time, as it may affect other reservations. More information is available on the Facilities Management web site.

For further information on policies and procedures, see the College Mobile Equipment Policy .

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