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Student Code of Conduct


1. The term College means Elizabethtown College.

2. The term student includes all persons taking or auditing courses in the traditional program at the College, either full time or part time, pursuing undergraduate or graduate studies. Persons who withdraw after allegedly violating the Student Code of Conduct, who are not officially enrolled for a particular period of time but who have a continuing relationship with the College or who have been notified of their acceptance for admission are considered students.

3. The term faculty member means any person hired by the College to conduct classroom activities.

4. The term College official includes any person employed by the College performing assigned administrative or professional responsibilities.

5. The term member of the College community includes any person who is a student, faculty member, College official, or any other person employed by the College. A person‘s status in a particular situation shall be determined by the Dean of Students.

6. The term College premises includes all land, buildings, facilities, and other property in the possession of or owned, used, leased, operated, controlled or supervised by the College (including adjacent streets and sidewalks).

7. The term organization means any number of persons who have complied with the formal requirements for College recognition. All student organizations must be registered with the Office of Student Activities.

8. The term Student Conduct Board means any person or persons authorized by the Director of Student Rights & Responsibilities to determine whether a student or organization has violated the Student Code of Conduct and to recommend imposition of sanctions.

9. The term Student Conduct Administrator means the Director of Student Rights or Responsibilities or designee authorized to investigate complaints and to impose sanctions upon students or organizations found to have violated the Student Code of Conduct. The Dean of Students may authorize a Student Conduct Administrator to serve simultaneously as a Student Conduct Administrator and the sole member or one of the members of a Student Conduct Board. The Dean of Students may authorize the same Student Conduct Administrator to impose sanctions in all cases.

10. The term Appeal Board means any person or persons authorized by the Dean of Students or Director of Student Rights & Responsibilities to consider an appeal of a Student Conduct Board’s determination or of the sanctions imposed by the Student Conduct Administrator.

11. The term ―will and shall are used in the imperative sense.

12. The term ―may is used in the permissive sense.

13. The Dean of Students is that person designated by the President of the College to be responsible for all aspects of student life and shall be responsible for the administration of the Student Conduct Code.

14. The term policy is defined as the written regulations of the College as found in, but not limited to, the Student Handbook, the College web pages (all departments) and the College Catalog.

15. The term ―Complainant means any person who submits a complaint alleging that a student may have violated any portion of the Student Conduct Code. When a student believes that s/he has been a victim of another student‘s misconduct, the student who believes s/he has been a victim will have the same rights under this Student Code of Conduct as are provided to the complainant.

16. The term ―Accused Student or ―Respondent means any student alleged to have violated the Student Code of Conduct.

17. The term charge refers to a formal notification to a student of an alleged violation of the Student Code of Conduct.

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