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Final Exam Schedules and Policy

All academic courses are expected to conclude with a final examination administered during the assigned time of the examination period. Within the last three meeting days for classes (not for any individual course) prior to final examinations, no unit tests or quizzes of any type may be administered. Due to the structure of courses involving laboratory examinations/practica, a laboratory examination/practicum can be given during these final three days prior to final examinations. In addition, major papers and projects can be assigned due dates that fall within the last three meeting days for classes, providing the due dates are specified in the syllabus. The following may or may not have final examinations, depending upon the judgment of the instructor: laboratory sections; advanced seminar in which an assigned paper or project is the major activity; a performance class in which a recital or similar artistic performance is required; an internship; a practicum.

Any faculty member seeking an exception to the final examination rule for an academic course shall first secure the approval of the department chair and then that of the Provost. 

Students, as well as faculty members, are expected to abide by the published examination schedule. However, students with three examinations in one day may request of a professor that one examination be rescheduled during examination period. There is no obligation on the part of the faculty member to reschedule the examination. All requests for rescheduling an examination must be made at least five class days before the start of the final examination period. Students with four examinations in one day may request that one or two of the examinations be rescheduled, following the same procedure. When a scheduling conflict cannot be resolved between faculty member(s)and student, the student may take her or his case to the Provost.

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