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The Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities is committed to student learning and development. In meeting with students, we may recommend or sanction educational or support services that are appropriate.

E-CHUG (Electronic Check-Up to Go)

A brief self-assessment that provides you with accurate, detailed and personalized feedback on your use of substances. Visit E-Chug.


A reflection paper may be required so that a student may learn about our policies and community’s expectations, understand how an incident affects self and others, and evaluate outcomes.

BASICS (Brief Alcohol and Other Drug Screening and Intervention for College Students)

A service available for students who want to explore their use or abuse of substances. The program is designed so that students may examine behaviors in a judgment-free environment. For additional information, please contact the Assistant Director of Residence Life, Susan Asbury at asburys@etown.ed

The BASICS program involves 2 sessions, approximately 1 hour each. During the first session, you and an administrator may review your ECHUG results. You may also fill out additional questionnaires and outline topics for discussion and follow up. Generally, there is a 2-week time period between sessions. During your second meeting, you will review the information you provided and reflect on this information.


The Student Skills for Life program provides information on problem solving, positive ways of dealing with feelings, developing self-esteem, and effective communication skills, and making informed decisions concerning the use of alcohol/drugs. The program uses an interactive model of instruction. The focus is on participatory learning through group exercises and some video presentations. The program consists of 4, 3-hour classes (12 hours total).


To schedule an appointment, call (717) 361-1405. Counseling Services is located in the Center for Student Success, on the second floor of the BSC (Baugher Student Center). The service if free to all students, and counseling sessions are considered confidential.


Life Management Associates provides a comprehensive range of psychological and behavioral healthcare services.

Location: 1848 Charter Lane, Lancaster, PA 17601-5896
Phone: (717) 394-6688 / (800) 327-7770


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