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Rehabilitation Health Professionals are at risk of developing work related musculoskeletal disorders and injuries (WMSD/I). Indeed, researchers have reported a work-related injury incidence rate of 16.5%.

Researchers have reported a work-related injury incident rate of


for Rehabilitation Health Professionals

The safe patient handling and mobility (SPHM) approach to patient care is emerging as an evidence-based and state legislated mandate for all healthcare personnel. Current research suggests that using SPH equipment is a safer and more efficient method of moving, positioning, and transferring patients, that equipment has therapeutic applications, and that equipment use does not compromise patient functional outcomes in rehabilitation settings. 

This full-day, hands-on conference will describe current evidence regarding the epidemiology of musculoskeletal disorders among occupational therapy and physical therapy practitioners and the use of mechanical lift devices for injury reduction.

Participants will learn to use a decision-making algorithm to determine the safe and appropriate use of patient handling devices. We will present information on the use of equipment in therapy, including videotaped vignettes, while protecting both therapist and the patient. Finally, participants will apply this knowledge while using equipment, including floor lifts, stand assist devices, and ceiling lifts. Using clinical case scenarios, they will learn to select equipment, set goals, and facilitate occupational performance while gaining skill and confidence in its use.

Conference participants will be afforded multiple opportunities to identify and discuss factors that both facilitate and create barriers to the practical implementation of these standards in their work settings, and will form mentoring relationships with other participants to support the implementation of cultural changes necessary for the development of safe patient handling programs.

Participants also will be invited, without additional charge, to attend a follow-up mentoring workshop approximately six months after the conference to provide additional support of these initiatives. Outcomes research will be conducted to assess the degree to which this regional conference is able to foster change in health care practices in safe patient handling in this region.

September 1 - October 24

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