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Course Policies

Suggested Attire and Safety

Due to the intensive hands-on nature of this course, participants are encouraged to wear athletic wear that will allow them to practice safe patient handling procedures with a variety of equipment, such as standing lifts, seated lifts, ceiling lifts and slings, wheelchairs, hospital beds, transfer boards, sliding sheets, etc. Stable, non-slip, closed-toe footwear and socks are required. Course instructors reserve the right to refuse participants access to hands-on activities if they deem that participants are wearing unsafe attire, such as loose pants or skirts; heeled shoes, sandals, or other unstable footwear; or bare feet. Long hair should be secured back. Layered clothing is encouraged, as participants will be moving within a number of different settings with different temperature levels.

Injury Disclaimer

Due to the intensive hands-on nature of this conference, participants may be potentially exposed to risk of injury during laboratory- and conference-related activities. Participants are encouraged to refrain from engaging in any hands-on activities that they deem to be unsafe relative to their own particular health status. Elizabethtown College, Lebanon Valley College, and course speakers and instructors do not assume any responsibility for injuries sustained by participants during the conference.

Need for Special Accommodations

If you need special accommodations, please email no later than October 31 with a detailed request.

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