Conrad Cam



About Conrad

Conrad (C-Jay for short) is our feathered, honorary E-town alumnus. In 2014 he was illegally removed from his nest as a fledgling and house-raised until he found a new home at the John James Audubon Center at Mill Grove in March 2016.

Because he has spent so much time with humans, Conrad will never be able to successfully forage for food or defend himself against predators in the wild. The safest place for him is in his custom-built habitat, surrounded by photos of his “family.” The enclosure sits among the lush trails of the Audubon Center, a National Historic Landmark, in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, and the former home of John James Audubon, best known for The Birds of America, a book of the most valuable and influential drawings of birds in history. 

 “What some may see as unfortunate for Conrad—a bird confined to a man-made habitat—for the College, this connection to the Audubon Center has opened up myriad possibilities for our students, faculty and alumni who all identify themselves as Blue Jays,”

-- Elizabeth (Bauer) Braungard ’86
Executive director in the College’s Office of Marketing and Communications

The partnership with the Audubon Center also offers internship opportunities for our students in the areas of business, communications, art, history and biology.