Sustainability Committee

The Sustainability Committee was established in Fall of 2015 in order to organize our sustainability efforts and to ensure we meet our environmental goals. The sustainability committee initiatives include:

Our Purpose

We strive to make our progress toward sustainability a visible feature of our campus for our students, faculty, staff and the surrounding community. We regularly set feasible sustainability goals across a variety of areas including renewable energy generation, water conservation and waste reduction. We actively work toward the following goals:

  • Achieve sustainability literacy among faculty, staff and students.
  • Identify transparent paths of communication on and off campus for the Sustainability Committee and sub-committees.
  • Increase environmental and sustainability-related academic offerings
  • Increase renewable energy generation and funding
  • Reduce annual energy consumption in existing buildings
  • New construction or renovations of existing buildings to include appropriate energy-efficient designs, certifications
  • Explore all water resources and research the options available for water conservation, sustainability and a potential conservation program.
  • Explore the commitment to purchase recycled items and environmental preferable materials.
  • Reduce solid waste
  • Address transportation impacts to the College’s carbon footprint
  • Institute annual sustainability profile tracking and assessment process

 It is our hope that our efforts will encourage members of our campus community to take action to reduce their own environmental impacts.

Meet our Members

Students, faculty and staff come together to form the committee. Monthly meetings bring the entire group together, and subcommittees arrange separate, more frequent meetings. Our subcommittees include: metrics and data, materials and resource conservation and marketing.

Faculty & Staff

Faculty and staff members from a variety of academic departments and offices around campus come together to form the committee.

Bob Wallett

VP for Administration and Finance

Bob Wallett

Chair of Sustainability Committee

“I am most proud of the large-scale solar array.  This was a team effort among the College, Community Energy, and local and state government that will have lasting benefits to the College and surrounding community.” 

Dr. Brenda Read-Daily

Assistant Professor for Metrics & Data

Dr. Brenda Read-Daily

Vice Chair & Lead for Metrics & Data

"I am particularly passionate about water conservation and purification."

Wendy Sheaffer

Director of Creative Services

Wendy Sheaffer

Secretary & Lead for Marketing

"I’m proud of our car and bike share program, which reduce greenhouse gas emissions and provide a safe and convenient way for students, faculty and staff to commute."


Tiffany Wells

Director of Campus Services

Tiffany Wells

Lead for Materials & Resource Conservation 

"In my everyday work life, I try to re-purpose or utilize what we can before procuring something new."  

Lauren Deibler

Director of Admissions

Lauren Deibler

"The solar array is my favorite project because it provides clean energy for the campus and an opportunity for students to participate in real world learning through a variety of academic disciplines."

Wendi Kenley

Coordinator of Housing Operations

Wendi Kenley

"In my free time I enjoy spending time in the outdoors hiking and biking. As a part of their sustainability and walkability initiatives, Lancaster County has developed many local trails everyone can enjoy."



Alexandria Poole

Assistant Professor of Philosophy


Hossein Varamini

Turnbull-Jamieson Professor of Finance and International Business, Professor of Business

Hossein Varamini

"I spent my sabbatical leave during the fall of 2016 at several universities including the University of Cambridge and the Amsterdam School of Business in Europe and the University of Southern California to learn more about sustainability issues. I have already begun to incorporate sustainability into my BA 497 course, and I plan to continue to revise the IB program to reflect the growing interest in sustainability at E-Town."

Eric Walker

Head Wrestling Coach

Eric Walker
"I enjoy mountain biking in my spare time."


Mark Zimmerman

Director of Facilities Management
Mark Zimmerman

 "I am passionate about wildlife preservation, forest protection and water quality."



Sustainability Spotlight

See what our students, faculty and staff are doing to promote sustainability on our campus!

Blair Hendricks

Blair Hendricks

Summer 2017 SCARP Student

My research focused on effective sustainability efforts on college campuses that would help Elizabethtown College improve its own sustainability initiatives.  Using guidelines/criteria given by the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE), I looked at funding and investment, coordination and planning, and student engagement in our peer schools and the top-rated sustainable campuses across the nation.  My findings are helping us create new programs to help cultivate sustainability interest in our student body, which will lead to stronger sustainability efforts and more achievement in the future.