Data Science

Why Study Data Science?

Relatively new to the computer science world, Data Science is a highly valued area of study. Data collection and analysis is a priority of businesses across the country. Employers rely on employees with skills in data science to communicate key findings to improve business functions and better serve their audiences.

What is Data Science?

Data Science is the collection, storage and analysis of data. While studying data science, you’ll learn about the role of data in modern businesses. Data Science provides business leaders with insight into the lives of consumers. This allows businesses to provide better products and services. For technology-based organizations, Data Science helps improve user experience through algorithms. As a Data Science specialist, you’ll be responsible for communicating data findings to business leaders to help improve the operations of your organization.

Why Major in Data Science?

Study Data Science and prepare for an exciting and rewarding career. You’ll study the role of science and mathematics in solving business challenges.

Complement Other Areas of Study

Our Data Science major blends the areas of computer science, mathematics and statistics. Our program also has a strong focus on communication skills. The interdisciplinary nature of our program encourages students to study other areas of interests in addition to their Data Science major. Other majors and minors that pair well with Data Science include biology, business, finance or communications.

Work Independently & Collaborate with Others

Data Science specialists experience a good mix of independent and collaborative work. Data Scientists must have the ability to work independently as they collect, store and analyze data. After analyzing large sets of data, Data Science specialists must have the ability to communicate the significance of their findings to business leaders. In these discussions, Data Science specialists must interpret how the organization can use the data to make better business decisions.

Gain Real-World Experience

Major in Data Science and face real-world challenges. As you complete our program, you’ll learn about data mining, statistical analysis and big data. You’ll test your skills by solving problems in off-campus organizations in our Data Science capstone course.

Enjoy an Innovative, Fast-Paced Career

Data Scientists find new information that helps push society forward. Completing our program will prepare you for business, lab or governmental settings. You’ll keep up with new technologies and help organizations understand the needs of their audience. Within the Data Science industry, there’s promise for high financial compensation and job growth. According to Glassdoor 2017 national average reports, the median salary for data scientists is $118,709. Glassdoor also reported that the field is expected to experience a 20% growth by 2020.

Major in Data Science and gain the skills and experience necessary to keep up with this ever-changing field!

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