Blue Jay Family

Be A Part Of The Blue Jay Family

The time has finally come for your child to spread their wings and join our lively, welcoming campus community. As your student transitions to college, we also invite you to join our Blue Jay family. Here are some things you can do to get involved, now that your child is an E-town student:

Attend Homecoming and Family Weekend

Homecoming is a great way to explore our campus community and see how your child is adjusting to their first semester on campus. Each fall, we invite students and their families, along with alumni, faculty and staff, to join in our celebration. There are plenty of activities and events including our homecoming parade, fair and sporting events. Be sure to grab a slice of our carrot cake while you’re here with us!

Follow campus happenings on social media

Even if you schedule phone calls, text check-ins or have video chat sessions, you probably won’t have as much direct contact with your child while they’re away at college. Follow our campus news, events and activities regularly on social media to receive updates. Through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you’ll read stories, watch videos and view photos of the latest campus happenings. Check out the stats of our sports teams, see student projects and find out what our faculty are up to.

Share with your friends, family and prospective Blue Jays

As your child begins the college experience, there will be plenty of exciting new to share with your family and friends. For loved ones who live further away, social media easily allows them to remain up to date. Share posts about college events, your child’s college milestones and other E-town news. We also encourage you to invite others to join our community. Help prospective students navigate through the college decision making process by referring them to E-town, so they can decide whether or not we would make a good fit for them too!

Come to campus eventsMichele Norris

When phone and digital communication isn’t enough, make a trip to campus to visit your child and attend one of our events together! There are plenty of events to choose from including our annual Leffler Lecture which features well-known speakers. In the past, we’ve had Kim Phuc, known as “the girl from the picture,” and Michele Norris, the first African-American radio host for NPR. We also host a range of other lecture series, musical performances, dance performance and other presentations. Keep up to date with our Arts & Culture Events Calendar.

Watch sporting events

Watch our students compete in the Landmark Conference. If your child is not on a sports team, that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the fun! Come watch your favorite sport, or come to a special game, like our annual Marshmallow Game against our rival, the Messiah College’s men’s soccer team. Throughout the soccer game, fans throw marshmallows at the stands, at the field, at the players and everywhere they can. The game takes place each year in the fall, alternating between our campus (in the odd years) and Messiah’s campus (in the even years).

We’re so happy to welcome you and your family to our Blue Jay family! We wish you a great four years as you follow along with your child’s E-town experience.

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