What To Leave At Home Your First Year

Move-in day is always an exciting and busy time. There are cars filled with parents, new students, and all of their things. The hardest thing about moving in? Moving too much stuff!

Community Living has a helpful list of items to pack called What to Bring. We all debate last-minute additions to our packing list. So, what do you really need when you move in, and what can you leave at home?

Things you probably don’t need:

  • Area rug – Some of our dorms have carpet, while others have tile floors. Check to see if your dorm has carpet or not before you pick out the shaggiest rug in Target. Coordinate with your roommate too!
  • Toasters/Toaster Ovens – Exposed coils and mini-ovens are a recipe for disaster in dorms. Our dining hall, the Marketplace, as well as the Jay’s Nest, have these items for your use.
  • TV/DVD Player - You probably won’t need a TV or DVD player on campus. Every dorm has a lounge with a TV you can use. Plus, you can watch Live TV for free on your laptop. Check out ITS’s information on Xfinity.
  • Ironing Board and Iron – Be honest, will you have the time or the energy to iron your clothes in the morning? Avoid wrinkles by folding your clothes fresh out of the dryer and storing them appropriately. If you do iron, do it on top of a folded towel to avoid needing an ironing board.
  • Bulletin Board/Door Message Board – They sound like a great idea in theory, but they are a bit unnecessary. Your friends will text you if they need you. Decorate your door with a poster instead.

Things you probably do need:

  • Extra bottle of shampoo – Ideally, you’ll want to bring one extra of every toiletry. You never know when you might run out, and you might not have time to run to the store.
  • Shower Shoes — The bathrooms in first-year dorms are common areas for all students living on that floor. While they are cleaned every day, a pair of waterproof flip flops will keep your feet clean and happy.
  • Comforter or Extra Blankets – Dorm rooms can get chilly in the winter, or you might need extra for movie nights. A nice heated blanket or down comforter will keep you toasty at night. You can leave it at home at first, but remember to grab it around Thanksgiving time!
  • Health Insurance Card – You’re an adult now. You should carry your own health insurance card, social security card, and other important information with you. Or at least keep them somewhere safe. You never know when you might need them.
  • Coordinate! – Double check with your roommate(s) before you all buy a fridge and microwave! You do not have room for two mini-fridges, two microwaves and two coffee pots! Coordinate before you buy big ticket items. This will not only save you space but money as well.

After you’ve been on campus a few weeks, you can go out to the store, or head home, and pick up the things you want or need. Space in your room is both limited and shared with other people. By packing wisely, you can save time, money, and limit the number of trips you’ll need to make in order to move in to campus.

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