Specialized Programs

For students interested in the medical field or advanced studies in science, Elizabethtown College offers cooperative degree programs with several affiliate graduate and professional programs at larger colleges and universities.

These cooperative programs with other institutions combined with your B.S. degree program at Elizabethtown can lead to advanced degrees in Medicine, Biotechnology and Molecular Medicine, Physical Therapy, Forestry and Environmental Science and other health care fields.

ADVANTAGES OF A COOPERATIVE PROGRAM: By combining specialized undergraduate studies at Elizabethtown with direct admission to graduate school, you can earn your advanced degree in less time than taking a traditional route - sometimes saving one to three years of study. This also means you save money on tuition and enter the workforce sooner.


Students may continue their education with qualified acceptance into special program agreements with professional schools of medicine in areas of study such as primary care, osteopathic medicine, dentistry and optometry. Some programs are accelerated and may allow the student to complete their degree sooner than a traditional route.

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Biotechnology & Molecular Medicine

Students are afforded the opportunity to earn both the Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology and Masters of Science in Molecular Medicine degrees in five years after graduation from high school.

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