Third Year Review Process

Acquiring the knowledge and experience necessary for entry into professional school requires dedication, planning, organization, and reflection.  Although Elizabethtown College students will interact with the members of HPAC many times in their career we take the opportunity in the spring of a student’s third year at the College to provide detailed feedback regarding their academic, extracurricular, and experiential portfolios. A student will be contacted by the Chair of HPAC to schedule an interview with the HPAC faculty if they are planning to apply to an allopathic (MD), osteopathic (DO), dental, optometry, nursing, podiatry, pharmacy, physician assistant, or veterinary program.  Interviews are typically conducted in late February or March.  If you are a student interested in these professions, but have not been contacted by January 15th of your third year at College, please contact the Chair of HPAC to inform him/her of your intention to apply to professional school.

A folder of materials received during your application process will be generated and maintained by the HPAC Office and you can check the status of your materials with the HPAC Administrative Assistant (Mrs. Janice Davis).The following forms are to be completed and returned to the Administrative Assistant in the HPAC Office located in the Masters Center, Lyet Wing, Room 143. 

Deadline for submission of the following materials is February 5th of your third year at the College:

  1. HPAC Advisee Registration Form
  2. Student Life Clearance Form
  3. Academic Clearance Form