Thinking about Gender, Sex, and Sexuality (TAGSS)

The TAGSS Think Tank operates separately from the WGS program, but has a shared interest in encouraging students, faculty, and staff, and student members to engage intellectually with big questions relating to gender, sex, and sexuality. Students do not need to be involved with WGS to participate in TAGSS events or to work on TAGSS research!

Gender, sex, and sexuality are complex topics that cannot be fully understood without considering a variety of academic perspectives.  TAGSS aspires to bring deep understanding of these topics to our campus community by encouraging an interdisciplinary, “real world” approach.  Our mission is to facilitate critical analysis of the inequities that exist in contemporary society relative to gender, sex and sexuality.  To do this, we must examine their root causes and reinforcing structures in local and transnational contexts.

TAGSS brings students, faculty, and staff together for presentations of original research in our monthly Brown Bag lunch series (free and open to the public).  We also support other campus presentations and events related to gender, sex, and sexuality.

Every year, TAGSS sponsors a Signature Research Project that is coordinated by an Elizabethtown faculty member and carried out by Etown students and faculty.

The TAGSS Signature Project for the 2013 – 2014 academic year was “Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking Education” and is coordinated by Dr. Susi Mapp (Associate Professor and Chair of Social Work). Contact Dr. Mapp ( for more information on this project.