Criminal Justice Major

At Elizabethtown College, our Criminal Justice major prepares students for a life dedicated to serving the community. Located in south-central Pennsylvania, our program combines a liberal arts education with a strong foundation in criminal justice courses. Our Criminal Justice degree is designed around the College motto “Educate for Service.” Through our program we prepare students to enter careers in corrections, law enforcement, government agencies and non-profits. It is our mission to ensure that E-town graduates maintain our commitment to service in their professional lives.

Why Study Criminal Justice at E-town?

The purpose of our Criminal Justice degree is to provide you with an educational environment that promotes discussion of ethical issues, broadens professional experience and focuses on the need for community servants in our society. Our faculty members educate students to become knowledgeable, thorough and understanding individuals.

Diverse Criminal Justice Courses

Our curriculum focuses on the areas of sociology and anthropology, while also giving students the opportunity to take criminal justice courses in political science, psychology, philosophy and chemistry. This diversity challenges students to look at issues from a variety of perspectives, think critically and find creative solutions. Our liberal arts education ensures that students receive a well-rounded education and provides a broader understanding of society.

As a Criminal Justice major, you’ll have the opportunity to take courses such as:

AN 363 - Forensic Anthropology
PS 211 - Political Psychology
REL 103 – Religion and Violence
SO 215 – Criminology
SO 217 - U.S. Criminal Justice System
SO 220 – Race and Ethnic Relations
SO 352 – Juvenile Law and Justice
SW 366 - Addiction and Society

Professional Experience Guaranteed

Our Criminal Justice curriculum requires students to complete at least one internship within the field. Internships encourage students to explore specific career interests, network with professionals and build their resumes. Internships also give students the opportunity to see how their coursework applies to real-world situations.

Educate for Service

Our faculty members are dedicated to our motto, “Educate for Service.” In addition to completing an internship, students must complete an additional Signature Learning Experience. To fulfill this requirement, students may choose to pursue Community-Based Learning. As part of this experience, students have the opportunity to participate in a service trip or work with a nonprofit organization in the community. This is a great option for Criminal Justice majors, as it offers the chance to connect with residents in the local area and work for an organization or cause that they are most passionate about.

Criminal Justice Outcomes

After completing our Criminal Justice degree in Pennsylvania, students will be ready to enter a variety of careers in several industries. Our program prepare you for careers in:

  • Corrections
  • Government Agencies
  • Homeland Security
  • Law Enforcement
  • Security