Envision 2020

The purposes of this year's strategic planning process are several. The process will seek to enable the College—in today's highly competitive, complex and challenging market—to do the following:


clarify and promote our mission


build on our strengths


be true to our central values


enable the College's faculty and staff to continue to do exemplary work


enable deserving students to benefit from the first-rate education we provide

Resources and Strategic Planning Committee, 2018-19

The Resources and Strategic Planning Committee (RSPC)—composed of both faculty and staff members, and chaired this year by Dr.Christna Bucher—will, in collaboration with Senior Staff, focus on program evaluation, the relationship between the traditional college and the school for professional studies, future space allocation and needs, and residential renewal.  


  • Christina Bucher, Religious Studies, Chair
  • Sarah Atwood, Engineering
  • Jane Cavender, Biology
  • Matt Fritz, Music
  • Dmitriy Krichevskiy, Business
  • Susan Mapp, Social Work
  • Holly Francescone, Student Senate
  • Celestino Limas, VP Student Life
  • Betty Rider, SVP Academic Affairs
  • Bob Wallett, VP Admin. & Finance
  • George Walter, IVP Admissions

Road Map to 2025


Elizabeththown College is a vibrant, sustainable, and diverse learning community serving 3,000 students. We thrive as the top regional university in Pennsylvania and among the top 10 percent of regional universities in the north. Grounded in the liberal arts, our rigorous arts & sciences  and professional programs, along with practical experiences, prepare our students for meaningful and successful lives and careers through undergraduate and graduate programs, delivered in a variety of learning formats, to traditional and non-traditional students.  We cultivate strengths, promote well-being, and mentor students to become ethical leaders, problem-solvers, and global citizens who believe learning is most noble when used to benefit others.










Elizabethtown College