Goal 4 Progress

Goal Four: Build a more diverse and welcoming campus

  1. Set goals for recruitment and retention of ALANA and international students (2010, 2011)
  2. Developed a summer bridge program for enrolling students, Momentum (2010-12)
  3. Establish scholarships for underrepresented students (ongoing)
    • Established the Carole Isaak ALANA Student Scholarship (2010, currently below $25,000 level required to fund)
  4. Enlarge bi-lingual resources and recruitment support
    • Appointed bi-lingual mentor for Momentum program
    • Established Admissions Diversity Team (2009)
  5. Investigate community partnerships and participation in consortiums to increase student diversity
    • Moving Forward Together mentoring program expanded to Lancaster City (2011)
    • Investigated potential for partnering with KIPP schools (2011)
    • Discussions with Project Forward Leap regarding summer program (2010 and feasibility for 2011 and beyond)
    • Negotiating new collaborative agreements to enroll international students (2011)
  6. Disaggregated enrollment data and set specific goals for retaining underrepresented students (2010)
  7. Regularly solicit feedback from underrepresented students about their experience on campus (ongoing)
    • Office of Diversity established weekly “rap” meeting for ALANA students (2009)
    • Dean of Students’ Advisory Committee provides regular feedback on diversity issues (ongoing)
  8. Collect, report, and use data to understand and improve student retention
    • Data analyzed by Enrollment, Retention, and Project committees (ongoing)
  9. Set specific goals for the recruitment of underrepresented faculty, staff, and administrators
    • Human Resources advanced goal of 10% increase between 2009-2019 as part of Middle States review (2009)
    • Awarded grant from NSP to participate with several colleges and universities in the south-central Pennsylvania region on a policy research and analysis project designed to recruit, retain and advance women (and other underrepresented populations) in the Science, Technology, and Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines.
  10. Support strategic hires of faculty, staff, and administrators to increase diversity (ongoing)
  11. Conducted a review/revision of standard language used in position announcements (2011)
  12. Review and revise search procedure to ensure more robust and diverse candidate pools (on-going)
    • Human Resources conducted Affirmative Action Self-Audit, 2011
    • Dean of Faculty and several department chairs attended webinar on increasing diversity in faculty hiring (Fall 2010)
  13. Collect, report, and use data to understand faculty/staff/administrator departures (ongoing)
    • Exit survey and interview conducted on all resignations and retirements

Remaining from Goal Four

  1. Require all chairs of faculty and staff search to undergo Affirmative Action training before executing a search
  2. Regularly solicit feedback from underrepresented faculty, staff, and administrators about their experience on campus
  3. Establish mentoring program for diverse faculty, staff, and administrators.