Services for International Students

For Prospective International Students:

International students are an active and important part of the Elizabethtown College Community. If you are interested in applying for admission to Elizabethtown College as a degree-seeking student, please visit the College's Office of International Admissions for information pertaining to application procedures and relevant deadlines.

The Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS) provides a broad range of support for all international students at Elizabethtown College. One of the most important and perhaps the most visible roles of OISS is in assisting new students upon arrival to the United States by providing orientation sessions and a New International Student Seminar that is specifically designed with international students needs in mind. The Director of OISS also serves as the primary advisor for visa requirements and benefits for F-1 international students and J-1 exchange students, in addition to acting as the primary academic advisor for non-degree seeking international students on campus.

Equally important, OISS serves as a referral office on campus. If you are unsure where to find a particular service on campus or how to navigate through student requirements, the Director can provide direction and explain which offices and departments are relevant to your query or problem. Throughout the year, the Director or Student Assistant will send messages to you about social events, information sessions, important deadlines, and international student issues such as Winter Break housing, summer storage, and tax requirements.

Most communication between the Director and the OISS Student Assistant will come to you via email. However, one of the OISS goals is for you to feel comfortable reaching out to us when there are questions, concerns, or when you simply want to chat. We embrace an 'open door policy' to facilitate these types of face-to-face interactions, so please feel free to stop by the BSC 255.

Some of our services are best requested via email so we have a record of your exact request and the date you made the request. Following are services you can request by email at

● verification letters for applications to the Social Security administration and Pennsylvania's Department of Transportation

● verification letters for students who must document long-term enrollment or visa status for their home government for purposes of postponing military service, exemption from national health insurance, and similar

● verification letters for students whose family members need supporting documentation for tourist visa applications to visit for graduation

● follow-up information from orientation about applying for a Social Security number, Pennsylvania ID card/driver license

● answers to questions about F-1 and J-1 visa regulations

● F-1 students only: general information about off-campus employment authorization

● F-1 students only: updates to your US or home country address for your SEVIS record

● F-1 students only: transfer of your SEVIS record to another US school

Other services are best handled face-to-face. Contact us to schedule a meeting for the following:

● questions and problems related to your adjustment to US life

● official signatures on immigration forms ("drop-in" hours will be scheduled for students needing travel signatures for Winter Break and Summer Break)

● questions about how F-1 and J-1 regulations apply to your specific situation and plans

● F-1 students only: changes to the program or financial information on your I-20 form, including changes of major, graduation date, and financial aid