CMS Training

The following short how-to videos will walk you through some of the most common tasks users will perform in our content management system (CMS), OUCampus.

Intro to OU Campus

How to log in 0m 44s
Reset your password 1m 09s
Navigating Basics 2m 25s
Check Out and Check In 1m 23s
Editing Tool Bar 4m 34s
Creating A New Page 2m 08s
Publishing (making your changes live) 1m 36s

General Tips

File Names 2m 29s


Image size 1m 46s
Upload, Edit and Insert an Image 4m 14s

Files (PDF, Word, Excel, etc.)

Uploading and Linking to a File 3m 39s
Staging vs Production  1m 9s
How to Delete a File (PDF, DOC, JPG, etc...)  1m 23s