Organizational Communication and Media Relations

Elizabethtown College offers many distinctive academic programs and related activities to various audiences that come in contact with our institution. Responsible communication is an important element of portraying the College in a consistent manner to those who visit campus or interact with us online and in person. Each of us can make an impact on the perception that visitors and media form when they come in contact with Elizabethtown College staff and faculty members.

This guide serves as a tool to help staff, faculty and administrators communicate effectively when representing Elizabethtown College in professional and personal interactions.

In this guide, we'll discuss:

The Office of Marketing & Communications (OMC) exists to serve the needs of Elizabethtown College by providing marketing and communications expertise and support. Specifically related to communications, the OMC is responsible for -

Producing communications materials and information such as the alumni magazine, news releases and various other College publications/materials

Cultivating relationships with local, regional and national media sources

Supporting the Emergency Management Group (EMG) in the event of a crisis with communication tools, outreach and media relations management

Providing communications consultation to departments and offices throughout the College, on a project basis

Providing photography support for institutional events like Commencement and Convocation.

Please contact the OMC if you have any questions that were not addressed in this guide, or if you have a specific communications related question.