Key Messages

It’s a fact – people are bombarded by information from every direction. According to a CBS News report, consumers took in approximately 500 marketing messages in the 1970s and 5,000 daily marketing missives in 2009. With the addition of online tactics, people may be feeling overwhelmed with content. To help cut through the clutter, effective communication requires a focused approach and clear messages. To that end, the Office of Marketing & Communications has crafted several “key messages” about Elizabethtown College.  

A few examples are provided here. Should you have the need to develop focused and clear key messages about an academic program or any other College related activity, please contact the Office of Marketing & Communications for assistance.

Boilerplate description used in news releases issued on behalf of Elizabethtown College:

Elizabethtown College, located in historic Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, is a private coed institution offering more than four dozen liberal arts, fine and performing arts, science and engineering, business, communications and education degrees. Through personal attention, creative inspiration and academic challenge, Elizabethtown College students are encouraged to expand their intellectual curiosity and are given the opportunity to become a bigger part of the world through experiential learning—research, internships and study abroad. Elizabethtown College’s overall commitment to Educate for Service is fulfilled as students are taught intellectually, socially, aesthetically and ethically for lives of service and leadership. Visit for more information about Elizabethtown College.

Motto: Educate for Service

What We Believe: The College believes that learning is most noble when used to benefit others.  Fostering the values of peace, non-violence, human dignity and social justice are central to the Elizabethtown experience.


Who We Are: Elizabethtown College is a community of learners dedicated to educating our students for lives of service and leadership as citizens of the world.

Taglines: Taglines demonstrate the outcomes of an Elizabethtown education. They are, by design, brief and memorable.They are progressive in nature—engendering a commitment from our students to personally go outside the traditional expectation they may have for themselves and be "bigger". By being "bigger" they make a difference and as a result the world becomes a better place.


Be a Bigger Part of the World. – Challenges our students to go beyond what's expected. To do the unexpected.

Be Part of a Better World. – Challenges our students to make a difference through service to others.