Brand Photography

Preferred Photography StylePhotography is one of the most immediate and powerful forms of communication. Nothing moves people quite like a great photograph. The images chosen to portray the College are just as important as the words chosen to convey our brand. Because our campus is unlike any other in the country, it is important for landmark buildings and settings to be reflected in the photos.

When taking and selecting photos of students, the images should be of people who are engaged within their surroundings. For example, candid photos of students and faculty who are involved in classroom or campus settings are preferred over staged or stock images. When possible, utilize photos that have a warm, welcoming appearance. It is important to maintain an age, gender and ethnic balance with the photo subjects.

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For information on utilizing the College’s Flickr photo archives please watch our Flickr video tutorial. If you would like to contribute to the photo archives, or have a project idea, please contact the Office of Marketing and Communications.