College Colors

Primary Color PalettePrimary Color Palette

The official Elizabethtown College colors are black and blue. Due to different printing processes and paper stocks, maintaining consistent color matches can be difficult. An ink-matching system know as Pantone® Matching System or PMS® is used to provide standards for color matching. The PMS or CMYK (4-color process) equivalents should be provided in any printing situation as specifications for ink colors. Each color shown is formulated to provide good results on both coated (C) or uncoated (U) paper stocks. The acceptable shade of blue is PMS 2945.

Secondary Color PaletteSecondary Color Palette

The secondary color palette has been developed to assist with publication design decisions and has been primarily designated for undergraduate recruitment purposes. The secondary colors are:

  • PMS 7459
  • PMS 383
  • PMS 7636
  • PMS 7533
  • PMS 7752

Website Color PaletteWebsite Color Palette

The Elizabethtown College website utilizes the standard blue as a prominent color element, enhanced by complementary accent colors. All web colors are given a HEX and RGB color value and also may be used in tints, gradations or solid blocks.

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