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All logos will download as a .zip file and will contain variations of the selected logo in multiple file formats. EPS files are best for printing, while JPG and PNG files are best when used for web and electronic media.

Logo Guidelines

Elizabethtown College Logo
Download (files are zipped)

Full Elizabethtown College Logo

The College’s official mark was designed with the Elizabethtown College lettering under the “E” surrounded by “Educate for Service.” The logo also serves as an official identifying mark of Elizabethtown College. This logo should be used on all College marketing and communications materials, including websites, printed pieces, visual presentations, stationery, advertising and any other materials that represent the College to external audiences. It should appear on the front or back cover of all printed materials unless an exception has been granted by Elizabethtown College Office of Marketing and Communications.

The logo artwork has been created in a precise electronic environment and should never be redrawn or redesigned for any application. They are available to you as cross-platform (Mac/PC) files.

LOGO: Primary Color Usage

pantoneThe blue and gray color palette should be used whenever possible. To assure prominence, maintain a strong contrast between the logo and the background.

 Elizabethtown College Logo 70% Black Elizabethtown College Logo 100% PMS 2945

LOGO: Secondary Color Usage

When it is not possible to use the approved primary color palette, the logo may also be represented as a solid black or reverse to white on a reasonably dark/solid background or photo.

Elizabethtown College Logo Black Elizabethtown College Logo Reversed

Elizabethtown College Logo Clear AreaLOGO TREATMENT: Correct Usage

Minimum width of logo
When reduced, the logo should not be printed less than 1.5 inches wide. When reducing a logo, the words should not appear so small as to be illegible.

Clear Zone
All words and images used near the logo, should be placed no closer than the distance equal to the height of the Elizabethtown College type. This is referred to as the “clear zone.” If your design does not conveniently adhere to this regulation, contact OMC for consultation.

Logo legibility
The logo needs to be legible when printed on or reversed out of photographs, designs or screened backgrounds.

LOGO TREATMENT: Incorrect Usage

The Elizabethtown College logos are stand-alone design elements, not words or parts of a statement, and must appear separate from other elements in all applications.

In order to ensure the integrity of the logos, it is imperative that no words or images crowd, overlap or merge with them, or are layered over a photo or design that obscures the words.

The logos must not be altered. For example, they cannot be shaded, shadowed, screened, used in outline form or filled with a texture or photo.

Do not use a scanned, recreated, re-proportioned or otherwise modified version of any Elizabethtown College related logos. Proportions of the logos must remain the same in either reduction or enlargement. They may not be stretched or skewed out of proportion in either direction. The logo may not be cropped; it must be used in its entirety. The logo may not be rotated or tilted. The separate elements of the logos may not be used independently or in conjunction with other designs.

don't recolor don't reverse out in color Don’t sacrifice legibility Don’t apply graphic effects  Don’t alter the design Don’t crop Don’t stretch or skew

Horizontal College logoLOGO: Horizontal College Logo

The Elizabethtown College secondary logo serves as an alternate to the official College logo or intended for used in a horizontal space.

Primary use includes printing on College stationery including letterhead, business cards
and envelopes.

Individuals should not attempt to alter the secondary College logo in any way. This mark can be used as a one-color logo or reversed out of black.

Download Horizontal Logo: EPS / JPG (files are zipped)

"E" LogoE LOGO: "E" Logo

The Elizabethtown College E Logo was developed for use when the official logo cannot be utilized due to space restrictions. The mark is represented by an 'E" surrounded by the lettering "Elizabethtown College • 1899".

Primary applications would include new media, online advertising (including social networking) and promotional marketing materials. This is a secondary mark and is not to replace the current Elizabethtown College logo. It will be implemented when 1.5 inches in width is not possible. This mark also is approved to add graphical interest to a design or "watermark," a display, banner, flag, sign or other large marker.

Individuals should not attempt to alter the E Logo in any way. The E logo can be used as a one-color logo, or reversed out of black.

Download "E" Logo: EPS / JPG (files are zipped)


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