The Elizabethtown College Seal

The Elizabethtown College SealThe seal evolved during the early years of Elizabethtown College. It appeared in its present form as an illustration on the cover of the Elizabethtown College Bulletin in 1928. The seal incorporates the Lamp of Learning, the College motto (“Educate for Service”)and the words Deus Lux et Veritas (God, Light and Truth).

The use of the seal is reserved for official College documents and publications including diplomas, honorary degrees, institutional certificates and special awards. It may be used only on the official documents mentioned above or on any correspondence from the Office of the President. The Office of Marketing and Communications must approve the use of this seal under all circumstances.

Because of the fine detail contained within the College seal, it should only be used in circumstances that ensure clear reproduction of that detail. It should not be reduced smaller than .75 inches across.

College Seal Color Palette

The College Seal should be reproduced in one of two identifying colors (PMS or Pantone colors). These colors are PMS Black and PMS 2945. Metallic gold foil or silver foil also is acceptable.