Graphic Style Guide


In the highly competitive higher education market, it is imperative that we convey the Elizabethtown College name clearly, consistently and prominently. Marketing experts call this process “branding.” Keeping our brand name in front of the public in an appealing and consistent manner is the cornerstone of our College promotional efforts.

This guide has been designed to provide detailed standardized usage guidelines for the Elizabethtown College graphic style. Its purpose is to specify proper trademark requirements. By following these guidelines, we create a uniform recognition and awareness of the logos; and uphold important legal protection of the trademarks.

This guide has been produced to help the Elizabethtown College community promote our College with pride and consistency. It does not attempt to address every possible situation. Rather, it provides general principles and guidelines while emphasizing the benefits of being consistent in the way we present Elizabethtown College in print and other visual communication.

The Motto - “Educate for Service”

This motto expresses our belief that the pursuit of knowledge is most noble when used to benefit others.

A word about the motto...

"Educate for Service" affirms the College's belief that students can perform no greater service than they do when sharing knowledge and creativity with others. Opportunities to strengthen scholarship and leadership extend beyond the classroom, and students learn actively through practical experiences and civic engagement.

Molded by a commitment to educate for service, Elizabethtown College is a community of learners dedicated to educating students intellectually, socially, aesthetically and ethically for lives of service and leadership as citizens of the world.

Our College’s voice is clear. And we are energized at the prospect of sharing the good news of a Elizabethtown College education.