Consistent typography is the foundation for a successful identity system. The characteristics of a certain typeface often communicate as much about an organization as the words used to describe it. When used consistently, the typeface becomes synonymous with the organization.

The primary font used in the Elizabethtown College logo is Birch Regular. This font should not be used in print or online communications; it exists only to visually represent the College name in the logo.

Logo Typography

Primary Font Families

Improving legibility and increasing functionality were primary objectives in the design of the Elizabethtown College logo. Sabon, a classic serif typeface, and Univers, a contemporary sans-serif typeface, complement each other well and create a harmonious, unified relationship.

The primary font families Sabon and Universe—used together or separately—should be employed for most College communications. Their consistent use and application supports the effectiveness of our visual identity standards.

In the event the Sabon font family cannot be obtained, Garamond, Georgia or Times may be substituted. Arial or Helvetica may be substituted for Univers, if necessary.

Secondary Font Families

The font families Excelsior and Nimbus should be used primarily for undergraduate recruitment purposes.

The font family Old Script Regular should be reserved for official College documents and publications including commencement materials, convocation materials, institutional certificates and special awards.

Typography Sabon

Typography Univers

Typography Univers Condense

Typography Secondary