Elizabethtown Social Media Guide

The way we interact with one another is constantly changing—from the written letter to the telephone to the text message. Social media has dramatically changed the way we communicate—and has no doubt contributed to the 24/7 society in which we live.

This is the case at Elizabethtown College. The implementation of a more robust College website (launched in May 2011) with advanced content-sharing tools and improved navigation features allows information to be shared more easily among all audiences. By incorporating and participating in social media outlets, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, foursquare, Pinterest and YouTube, we instill that same sharing culture offsite.

These social media outlets are personal, effective, targeted, two-way communication tools that reinforce our brand messaging. The result is a higher level of engagement with our broader community: Fostering relationships and bringing traffic to the College website are two positive outcomes.

Our Social Media Guide was established to help members of the Elizabethtown College community use social media effectively in both personal and professional use, and to promote College-related initiatives. In this online guide we'll discuss:

There is so much to say or share about social media, and it changes every day. This serves as a basic guide to getting started. Please contact the Office of Marketing Communications if you have further questions not answered here.