Interacting with E-town

example tweet about student taking first run around campus; says he glad he picked E-town

As a member of the Elizabethtown campus community, there are many ways you can interact with the official College social media accounts. In our Etiquette section we provide general guidelines and considerations, but, here, we'll share some ideas on how you can engage with us on Facebook and Twitter via your personal accounts.

18 Ways to Engage with Elizabethtown College Social Media

  1. Like us on Facebook.
  2. Comment on or like posts on our Facebook wall.
  3. Share Elizabethtown College Facebook posts on your personal page.
  4. Tag Elizabethtown College in your own Facebook posts.
  5. Suggest the Elizabethtown College Facebook page to your friends.
  6. Follow us on Twitter.
  7. Retweet our posts to your Twitter followers.
  8. Include the @etowncollege username in your tweets about the College.
  9. Include the #etowncollege hashtag in your tweets about the College
  10. Include @etowncollege in your Twitter profile information.
  11. Share links on Twitter directing your followers to your own E-town endeavors.
  12. Use relevant hashtags to make your Twitter posts searchable.
  13. Tag and comment on Flickr photos.
  14. Comment and share YouTube videos.
  15. Check into campus locations via foursquare.
  16. Pin items from the College website on your Pinterest board
  17. Share campus photos through Instagram
  18. Update your LinkedIn profile to include Elizabethtown College info; and if you are an alumnus or senior, be sure to request to join the alumni group.

These ideas are geared toward your personal, everyday use of social media. The next section will cover how to use social media for internal purposes, such as for your office or academic department.